Stylish Curren Wrist Watch with White Dial and Japan Movement

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Stylish Curren 12 Strips Hour Marks Men’s Analogue Quartz Wrist Watch with White Dial & Japan Movt – White
Case material    Stainless steel
Band material    Stainless steel

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  • Shocks and Vibration:Light activities will not affect your watch,but be careful not to drop your watch or hit it against hard surfaces,as this may cause damage.
  • Magnetism:The watch will be adversely affected by strong magnetism.Keep the watch away from close contact with magnetic objects.(in the case of a quartz watch,normal accuracy will return if the watch is moved away from the magnetic field.)
  • Care of case and band:
    To prevent possible rusting of the case and band by dust,moisture and perspiration,wipe them periodically with a soft dry cloth.
    If there is a sticker or protect slice on the case back,please tear it before use the watch.Otherwise the sweat will permeate into the slice and cause the case back to get rusty.

    Main Feature:

  • Fashion watch unique special plated watch lets your life full of gentleman sentiment.
  • The watch is a best gift for lover or friends.
  • Stainless steel watch material – stainless steel construction.
  • Precision – precise time and keep good time, gain or lose several seconds within one year.
  • Adjustable time knob – pull out the knob to adjust time.
  • Fashionable trend – fashion glare with elegant outlook, very charming for all occasions.


  • Weight: 0.131 kg
  • Size: 10.4*4.7*1.0 cm

    Package Content:

  • 1 x Wrist Watch