Curren 8059 Wrist Watch for Man (Yellow)

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Curren 8059 Generous Leisure Time Waterproof Wrist Watch for Man (Yellow)
Stainless Steel Watch

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  • Fashion Watch unique special plated watch lets your life full of gentleman sentiment.
  • The Watch is a best Gift for Lover or Friends.
  • Stainless Steel Watch material – stainless Steel construction.
  • Precision – precise time and keep good time, gain or lose several seconds within one year.
  • Adjustable time knob – pull out the knob to adjust time.
  • Fashionable Trend – fashion glare with elegant outlook, very charming for all occasions.Main Feature:
  • Shocks and Vibration: Light activities will not affect your watch,but be careful not to drop your watch or hit it against hard surfaces,as this may cause damage.
  • Magnetism: The watch will be adversely affected by strong magnetism.Keep the watch away from close contact with magnetic objects.(in the case of a quartz watch,normal accuracy will return if the watch is moved away from the magnetic field.)
  • Chemical: Be careful not to expose the watch to solvents(e.g.,alcohol and gasoline),mercury (i.e.,from a broken thermometer),cosmetic spray,detergents,adhesives or paints. Otherwise,the case,band,etc.may become discolored,deteriorated or damaged.
  • Care of case and band:
    To prevent possible rusting of the case and band by dust,moisture and perspiration,wipe them periodically with a soft dry cloth.
    If there is a sticker or protect slice on the case back,please tear it before use the watch.Otherwise the sweat will permeate into the slice and cause the case back to get rusty.Specification:
  • Chassis display:hour,minute,second,date
  • Dimension: 23.0*4.5*0.9 cm
  • Gross weight: 0.17 kgPackage Content
  • 1 x Wrist Watch