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Curren Watches Blog News – February 2015

best selling curren watches february 2015

best selling curren watches february 2015At the beginning of February I did quite a few changes to my blog. Most importantly, I made¬† a brand new”Best Selling Curren Watches” table which will feature top 12 best selling Curren watches every¬† month, and added this table to my Homepage. The table changes automatically, based on the number of watches sold thorough my site (I don’t have access to data from other website selling Curren watches, of course). I think this is an interesting table, and I hope it will help you decide if you’re uncertain which Curren watch to buy. Even if you know which model suits you best, I think it’s helpful to see what other people are buying and to observe trends. I know I’ll have fun watching which watches will find their place in the table, which will fall off, and which will continue to stick during the entire month (or possibly longer!).

I updated my “Top Rated Curren Watches” list to update price adjustments, and new customer reviews from previous month. Some new watches have found their place in this list, so be sure to check it out here.

I also updated “Cheapest Curren Watches List” for mostly the same reasons: some new models appeared, some have significant price reductions or deals, and some had to fall of the list! The best thing is that ALL watches on Cheapest Curren Watches list (and there are 12 watches so far) are UNDER $10! Top 5 are actually under $8, which is unbelievable price for such nice watches, you must agree!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the new features and that my blog will help you decide which Curren model is the right for you! Happy shopping!