Best Recommendations for Watch Owners

These are a few advices that I I recommend you follow

Travel light. Fight the urge to take your most costly and beloved watches to your vacation.
Tourists and travelers are a great victims for thieves. Hotel rooms are always risky for your most precious possessions. Take just one or maximum two watches with you when you go on a trip or vacation.

When you take a trip hold the wrist watches as close to you as you can.
Keep them in a safe place, like your inner pockets because luggage is generally the target of crooks and thieves. Bags are a big risk!

Be cautious when buying NOS (new old stock).
New old stock watches could need a service even though they never left the retail store. Timepieces that were displayed in window shops can be sometimes exposed to high temperature (if showcased under halogen reflector or exposed to the Sun) and extended periods of inactivity. This makes the lubrication of the watch movement ineffective. Even when the lower price is very attractive, estimate the cost of having it thoroughly serviced. In some cases it makes sense to buy a “fresh” watch instead.

Pick out the location where you store your watches at home cautiously.
Do not hide your watch collection in your master bedroom,bathroom or  kitchen. This is exactly where most people tend to hide their belongings and where all robbers look first. IF it would be best I you have two safes, one in your bed master bedroom (simply as bait) and another one in which you can keep your real stuff installed in some other room in your house.

Resist the desire to tinker with your watch.
If you aren’t experienced, avoid removing links, changing straps or cleaning up the watch. Often if these tasks aren’t done correctly you can damage your watch in the process. Besides, jewelers usually don’t charge much (or, at al) for for minor things such as that.

When modifying the wrist band remember that most people’s hands and wrists swell with heat. Especially during summer months there can be a full size increase which can make your watch band too tight on your wrist.

Take pleasure in your watch and don’t spare your leather band too much.
The leather band is not intended to last for ever anyway. In most cases leather wristbands are a just a small part of the total price of the watch, so do not worry about them excessively . If want, take a shower with your watch or  jump in the sea (it the watch is water-proof!); the leather strap will degrade or even start to smell over time no matter what you do. You are almost certainly going to replace the strap sooner or later. A strap change every year or two will make the watch look fantastic again, and this way you will have appreciated it far more.

Be careful when buying on eBay!
Lately It has become vary frequent that people get coned one Ebay and the trend is simply growing. Be careful with special limited editions or unusually low prices by sellers with low ratings.Most sellers there are trustworthy, just bear in mind to research the vendor first. If you don’t’ know how to do this (and it’s really simple) ask your family members or friends who know.

Don’t think that buying wrist watches is a good investment.
Even thought there are some exceptions from this rule, few watches keep or even increase in value as the time go by. If you’re going to buy a watch, do so because you like it!

Use the Internet.
Never before was it easier for a consumer to make inquiries and ask other people about product or service satisfaction. Ask people on community forums, blogs and other sites about their opinions and experience, they are a great resource and a good way to gain information. Most folks there are extremely helpful and no mater your initial expertise they will be ready to answer all your queries and eliminate most of your doubts.