10 Guidelines How to Use Wrist Watches

Here I listed some basic guidelines to keep your wristwatch in top condition. These are certainly not all of the guidelines, but these are the most essential:

1. NEVER set the time on your watch in reverse.
Doing so might harm the date mechanism in your watch.

2. DON’T adjust the month, date or moon if the wristwatch is between 9 P.M. and 3 A.M.
Particularly in complex timepieces!

3. STAY AWAY FROM beaches, saunas and any other HOT surroundings.
Extreme heat can cause the lubricants and moisturizers within your watch to evaporate faster. Quick temperature changes can be very harmful also.

4. Every 4 or 5 years take your watch to service and have the seals and gaskets changed.
Gaskets in your watch which are made of rubber weaken and loose efficiency over time. Wrist watches need oil changes to decrease ware and friction over time. Take your watch to an official dealership, to avoid any risks.

5. Remember to take OFF your watch while doing intensive sports activities like group sports, tennis or high impact workouts.
Over-winding or hard shocks will have a bad impact on the durability and overall performance of your watch

6. Rinse your watch in tab-water if it has been in SEA WATER.
Salt water is very corrosive to all metals. If you watch was submerged in sea water for longer time, just rinsing it may not be enough, take the watch to an official dealer for cleanup.

7. Water-resistant ratings are tested when the watch was built and over time this value will decline.
To be safe, take off the last number and multiply by two. For example, if water waterproof rating says “100 meters”, you shoudn’t take your watch below 20 meters

8. AVOID putting your watch near large loudspeakers, airport scanning devices or strong magnets.
Magnetic devices can magnetize parts of the watch’s movement, as a result changing its precision. The X-rays machines don’t harm the watch.

9. DO NOT set the time or wind the wrist watch on your hand.
The crown might bend iy you do so. Dirt like pores and skin, dust particles or hairs might enter into the watch mechanism.

10. If you don’t use your watch for some time, remember to wind it at least once a month.
Doing so wiil help keep the parts inside of the watch consistently lubed.